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Durst App — Spätifinder Berlin Edition

Find a Späti. Everywhere and every hour. Quick and simple.

You know it. Nighttime. You need a beer, cigarettes, something to eat, a magazine, sweets, a housewarming gift, condoms… and you need it right now. So, you are looking for the bright light in the dark night. But you don’t know how to find the next store. There are lots of kiosks, convenience & late-night shops in Berlin. But if you don’t want to waste your time walking around searching, we offer you the solution. Durst will give you the knowledge you need and turn your night into a magical and adventurous ride.

(It’s phenomenal).

Durst is available for iOS and Android.

Available on the App Store Get it on Google play

Save all your nights in Berlin.

Never waste time on your way to a party. Never be late. Never ruin your party. Never scream your head off, crawling down the streets in search of a dring. Never die of thirst. Never be without a backup plan again. Get the Durst App! It is available on the App Store or on Google Play Store. (It’s magical).

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Späti-Cocktail Poster by Adrià de Yzaguirre